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Just another introduction... [Jun. 19th, 2007|02:03 pm]
A birth community for homebirthers etc.


Hello there. I'm Lisa, 25 years old and currently living in Chandler, AZ (Phoenix metro area). I'm a little over 12 weeks along and am due December 27th with my second child.

I'll be seeing an OB while I'm in the Phoenix area, but we will be moving to an unknown location at an unknown time (probably within the next few months). After moving, I plan on using a midwife only and trying to get into a birthing center. I love the idea of a homebirth, but we'll be living in an apartment and highly doubt I'll feel comfortable giving birth there. But, if there are no good birthing centers or natural-birth friendly hospitals, then it'll definitely be a serious option.

I decided to go "crunchy" with this birth because of my not-so-fun experience with my first. It's amazing how you can think you are educated, but really have no clue. I planned on having an epi with my first (paid for and everything). I was induced with my first because she was overdue and they thought she'd be huge (her dad and I were both 10+lbs). The induction happened Wednesday night and I wasn't progressing far enough even with the pitocin and gel stuff. The c-section happy OB said that it was a section or going home. So, we went home.

I labored the entire time (they were regular and hard contractions, just too far apart and apparently not doing anything for the dilation and effacement). They got to be about 4-5 minutes apart regularly on Saturday night and my water broke as we got in the car to go to the hospital (convenient that I had had thought to bring a towel just in case). They gave me more pitocin. I ended up not being able to have the epidural because my blood platlette (sp) count was too low (hooray for small miracles). I labored through the night, the next morning and into the afternoon. I was getting utterly exhausted because they kept having me push, but the baby would just slide back up into my pelvis after every push. The on-call OB (whom I adore) arrived and I actually inquired about a C-section (days of hard labor makes you an idiot). Luckily, he told me that I didn't need one and to get ready to have a baby. She ended up being sunnyside up (facing away from my bum), so the forceps were pulled out. Yeow. I did have an episiotomy plus third degree tears. I didn't want the episio, but one of the nurses said it was necessary to get the forceps in there. Not sure on the truth of that, but either way it is too late now. :)

In the end I was so happy I didn't have any painkillers. My daughter was the best painkiller ever to exist and she latched on right away after the doctors and nurses were done doing their thing (which only took about 5 mins...it suprised the hell out of me). I will admit to taking some percocet a few hours after labor (and for a few days out of the hospital), but frankly...I'd like to even avoid that this time around.

Happy pregnancies everyone.

~ Lisa

[User Picture]From: my_everafter
2007-06-19 09:53 pm (UTC)
Wow! That's quite a story- I can understand why you want to avoid another hospital birth. I've heard that episiotomies are necessary for forceps, but yeah- I don't really know if that's true either, but it does make sense. Claire was sunny-side-up and my midwife had me labor in all sorts of positions to get her turned while I was in labor and she ended up spinning around while I was in labor so I didn't have to deal with birthing her that way!
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